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Sun Memory

PCW Memory stocks Sun/Oracle Memory for every Sun Microsystems server, including the newest Oracle Servers. Servers which run on DDR or older memory are listed in Legacy Systems. All memory we sell comes with a lifetime warranty and most can ship the same day you order! We offer a 10% discount and Net30 terms to all government and educational institutions, with a purchase order faxed to 408-247-8983.

Sun Blade Memory

Sun Fire Memory

Sun Netra Memory

Sun SPARC Memory

Sun x86 Memory

Legacy Systems

Sun Blade 100Netra CP2160
Sun Blade 150Netra CP3250
Sun Blade 1000Netra CP3260
Sun Blade 1500Netra CT 400
Sun Blade 2000Netra CT 410
Sun Blade 2500Netra CT 800
Sun Blade 8000Netra ft 1800
Sun Blade 8000PNetra i 1/140
Sun Blade SX1500Netra i 1/150
Sun Blade SX2500Netra i 1/170E
Sun Enterprise E150Netra i4
Sun Enterprise E220RNetra i5
Sun Enterprise E250Netra i20
Sun Enterprise E420RNetra j 2/1200
Sun Enterprise E450Netra j 4000
Sun Enterprise E3000Netra j 5000
Sun Enterprise E3500Netra NFS 150
Sun Enterprise E4000Netra T1 100
Sun Enterprise E4500Netra T1 105
Sun Enterprise E5000Netra T1 120
Sun Enterprise E5500Netra T 1100
Sun Enterprise E6000Netra T 1120
Sun Enterprise E6500Netra T 1125
Sun Enterprise E10000Netra T 1400
Sun Fire 280RNetra T 1405
Sun Fire 480RNetra T1 AC200
Sun Fire 3800Netra T1 DC200
Sun Fire 4800Netra X1
Sun Fire 4810SPARCengine 10
Sun Fire 6800SPARCengine 20
Sun Fire 12000SPARCengine ULTRA AX
Sun Fire 15000SPARCengine ULTRA Axdp
Sun Fire B100SPARCengine ULTRA AXe
Sun Fire B100sSPARCengine Ultra AXmp+
Sun Fire B100xSPARCserver 1000
Sun Fire B200xSPARCengine CP1400
Sun Fire B1600SPARCengine CP1500
Sun Fire E2900Ultra 1 140
Sun Fire E4900Ultra 1 140E
Sun Fire E6900Ultra 1 170
Sun Fire E20000Ultra 1 170E
Sun Fire E25000Ultra 1 200E
Sun Fire V20zUltra 2
Sun Fire V40zUltra 2 Model 1200
Sun Fire V60xUltra 2 Model 1300
Sun Fire V65xUltra 2 Model 1400
Sun Fire V100Ultra 2 Model 2170
Sun Fire V120Ultra 2 Model 2200
Sun Fire V125Ultra 2 Model 2300
Sun Fire V210Ultra 2 Model 2400
Sun Fire V215Ultra 5 Model 270
Sun Fire V240Ultra 5 Model 333
Sun Fire V245Ultra 5 Model 360
Sun Fire V250Ultra 5 Model 400
Sun Fire V440Ultra 10 Model 300
Sun Fire V445Ultra 10 Model 333
Sun Fire V480Ultra 10 Model 360
Sun Fire V490Ultra 10 Model 440
Sun Fire V880Ultra 20 Model 167
Sun Fire V880zUltra 20 Model 200
Sun Fire V890Ultra 20 Model 250
Sun Fire V1280Ultra 20 Model 300
Java Workstation W1100ZSun Ultra 20
Java Workstation W2100ZUltra 20 M2
Netra 20Ultra 25
Netra 120Ultra 30
Netra 210Ultra 40
Netra 240Ultra 40 M2
Netra 440Ultra 45
Netra 1280Ultra 60
Netra 1290Ultra 450
Netra CP2040Ultra Enterprise 80
Netra CP2060Ultra AXdp
Netra CP2080Ultra AXmp
Netra CP2140Ultra AXmp+
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